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Company's Vision

To encourage connections, give great content, and sell brands of products & services.

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What They Say About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

A strong, potent Digital Media Design & Illustration e-commerce/production studio. What started off as a Graphic Design service since Summer of 2013, has evolved into a Digital Media Arts & Design. Starting from the days in College. If anybody needs any type of Graphic and/or Web Design project taken care of, you can contact my email & I can get you started. We will look through your budget & come up with the best design choices to make your next project one of the best it is. And if you have a production budget, we can create an excellent and outstanding project under your said budget. So, if there is an amazing project idea that you have, feel free to share it with me at any given time. I can make extraordinary, outstanding brackets if you're ever doing March Madness or any upcoming tournaments that would require nothing but the best designs out there. Also, if anybody out there has a video production/editing project, using Adobe Premiere CC or After Effects CC, I can make the best effects that you're looking for in a project. So, don't feel shy! Hmu at either (business email)

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Transforming Your Ideas into Reality

Celestial Media is a company born from a love of creativity, honed by experience, and driven by success. Our journey began in a college dorm room in 2013, designing album covers for local artists. Since then, we’ve expanded our repertoire to include music videos, commercials, and web design solutions. We've taken on projects that other companies turned down, working hard to accommodate every unique request and put our clients' visions first. Our new, professional website showcases our most significant achievements and the dedication we bring to our craft.

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Celestial Graphic & Media's Brand

Branding that goes well beyond Logos and Watermarks.Or simple little typos or motion graphics. It gives off something profound and deeper, with the emotional connection of the brand. Our identity is also what makes us connect all the more. 

Celestial Graphic & Media's Culture

Here, we work and study smart as equally as we do hard in creating stellar designs. We ask questions, take risks, make some mistakes, but we learn & grow along the way. And the Chief Creative Officer, leads by example & listens to all of the input of his teammates. We show up in the morning, sharpening our skills & using the latest Adobe products, in order to grow the e-commerce & it"s amazing team. 

Meet The Team

Celestial Graphics & Media, LLC. is your go-to source for unique and beautiful digital products. We offer a variety of digital products, including photography, graphic design, and fashion design. Our mission is to provide customers with high quality, creative, and affordable products that make their online presence stand out from the rest.Our team consists of a talented photographer and a soon-to-be graduate from Rutgers University, with a degree in fashion design. Our passion for creativity and design makes us strive to provide the best products and services to our customers. We strive to create beautiful and unique digital products that will help you make an impact.

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