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11/03/00 & 1/13/01 ("Both when I was 12 years old")

Dear Journal, {11/03/00} Today I get one of those "Hard days", when your locked up in the second dungeon and never came out until you knew it was a good time. But there are times, that I feel too hard on myself because of it. But that's how I release my anger, for about as long as I've known. Is just through going somewhere, picking up a great book that I immerse in. And when I get done, I'd went to fix my late work and finish the rest of my homework. Lately I've been having feelings towards a certain show that I liked. Without having a whole lot of reasons unto why I do. But that's when I'd started writing cursive, and my love for writing began ever since. This month is reading month, so I'm going to do a lot of reading. Moral: Don't make excuses to not finish your work on time. Dear Journal, {1/13/01} Today and yesterday, was kinda sucky because my peers kept ignoring me, as I was writing. I think a lot of it stems from the extreme amount of stress from the beginning. Trying to be so excellent & impress my peers, and become the coolest and most popular guy in my school. This explains an awful lot of why I was the way that I was. This is helping me to explain the core issue and where a lot of insecurities came from. But over all, very goal-oriented, as I wanted to become well-known.

So as I was reading through my other entries of my childhood journal, two words always came to mind: goal-oriented & accomplishments. If this doesn't sell on the idea that I was an ambitious person, even when I was at the age of 12, I don't know what else. I'll have more entries I'll write in the near future.

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